60 Day Transformation

60 Day Transformation

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Let's see what you can accomplish in 60 days!

My Team and I will guide you through 2 months of intense workouts and give you a meal plan tailored to your needs. Post your progress and you can win a shout on my page and a month of coaching for FREE!

How It Works:

1) Once you've purchased, you'll get a question sheet in your email. Fill it out so we can create the perfect plan for you. 

2) You'll get your plan in 3-5 business days. All Good things take time! Once you get your program, start working out and eating based on your plan.

3) When your 60 days are over, post a before and after pic-stitch and use the hashtag #bodyarchitect60

4) I'll personally select a winner at the end of every month. It doesn't matter when you start - everyone will be considered!


What You Get:

1) Each of my clients get a personalized diet based on their food preferences. 

2) You'll receive a workout program that is created for your specific body structure so you get the results you're looking for. 

3) You can chat with my team and I through email as much as you need to until you understand your program. We want to support you throughout your transformation experience as much as we can!

4) We will adjust your plan when needed so that your results never slow down or stop.